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Kinomics software identifies phosphporylation drug/biomarker targets
View Full Technology SummaryThe invention is a series of software modules that, together, process information from peptide phosphorylation microarrays. A majority of the modules implement statistical manipulations or transformations of the data. The result of the analysis is peptides which are potentially involved in biologically or therapeutically...
Category(s): Health Science, Health Science - Diagnostics, Health Science - Therapeutics
Metabolomics-based Test for Pulmonary Disorders
Download as PDFOPPORTUNITYRespirlyte’s lead innovation is a urine‐based diagnostic to detect and monitor asthma. This assay is designed to help physicians distinguish asthma from other respiratory disorders, and provides them with an objective measure of severity of the disease. This technology is well‐positioned to explore the use of metabolomic‐based...
Category(s): Health Science, Health Science - Diagnostics
Centre for Biologic Imaging and Research & Development
Download as PDFThe Centre for Biologic Imaging Research and Development (C-BIRD) at the University of Saskatchewan, applies the principles of antibody engineering to develop the next generation molecular imaging agents for three main purposes: early and definitive diagnosis, improved disease characterization, and guiding therapeutic intervention.C-BIRD...
Category(s): Health Science, Health Science - Diagnostics