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Non-expensive Single Molecular White Light Emitting Material
ROI#15-005Full Technology SummaryOLED technology is garnering more acceptance among end users as it is thinner, brighter, lightweight, power efficient and offers higher contrast compared to LCDs. OLEDs offer wide viewing angles, faster response times, higher contrast ratios and more saturated colors to enhance viewing experience of end users. OLED is...
Category(s): Agriculture and Bioresources, Engineering and Science
Flaxseed Lignan-Enriched Complex Products in Chronic Disease
Download full technology summaryBenefits of flax lignans: Lignans are naturally occurring biologically active polyphenolic compounds present in flaxseed. The major lignan in flaxseed is SDG (Secoisolariciresinol diglucoside) and flaxseed is the richest known source of this compound (Fig.1). Cell models, animal studies, epidemiological studies, and randomized...
Category(s): Health Science, Agriculture and Bioresources, Health Science - Therapeutics