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Kinomics software identifies phosphporylation drug/biomarker targets
View Full Technology SummaryThe invention is a series of software modules that, together, process information from peptide phosphorylation microarrays. A majority of the modules implement statistical manipulations or transformations of the data. The result of the analysis is peptides which are potentially involved in biologically or therapeutically...
Category(s): Health Science, Health Science - Diagnostics, Health Science - Therapeutics
Non-expensive Single Molecular White Light Emitting Material
ROI#15-005Full Technology SummaryOLED technology is garnering more acceptance among end users as it is thinner, brighter, lightweight, power efficient and offers higher contrast compared to LCDs. OLEDs offer wide viewing angles, faster response times, higher contrast ratios and more saturated colors to enhance viewing experience of end users. OLED is...
Category(s): Agriculture and Bioresources, Engineering and Science
Portable and Affordable MRI
Download full technology summaryA wrist-sized Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI) has been designed to enable access to medical images without the use of ionizing radiation. This portable MRI uses new approaches to MRI magnet design and radio transmitter design to encode spatial information into the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signal, reducing the...
Category(s): Health Science - Medical Devices, Health Science
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